East Village Community Garden Plot Rental Application & Contract

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Terms of Plot Rental, Assignment, Garden Rules & Guidelines

  1. Gardeners must be a member of the East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA) to maintain a plot in the EV Community Garden.
  2. All gardeners must reside in the geographic boundary of East Village to be a member of the East Village Community Garden
  3. Only one garden plot is permitted per household


  1. There needs to be visible evidence of planting/activity in your plot within 7 days of opening Community Garden gates or your plot will be reassigned to a gardener on the wait list
  2. If plot is deemed neglected you will receive written notice from EVCommunity Garden coordinator you are in breach of garden rules. Your plot will be assumed abandoned if the plot has not been tended within 14 days of notification
  3. This contract absolves Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and East Village Neighbourhood Association from any liability, financial or otherwise, which may result from negligence or the inappropriate use of power and hand tools, either by your or by any of your guests while at the East Village Community Garden

East Village Community Garden Rules and Guidelines:

This is a quick reference guide on the rules of the East Village Community Garden to ensure gardeners’ time and space is respected and environments for growing are clean. Your compliance with the above regulations will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden.

I will...

  1. Properly maintain my plot and common areas assigned to me. I will:
    1. Use proper tomato cases if applicable, etc.
    2. Must use organic fertilizers only. Non-organic fertilizers are not permitted inside the garden at any time.
    3. Please do not plant invasive species. Please see clarification in the gardener’s handbook. If you are still unsure, please contact Garden@ev-na.com. Keep common areas clear of weeds, debris, and garbage. Dispose of weeds, plant materials, garbage and recycling in the designated areas ONLY
  2. Ensure that all garden tools borrowed from the community tool shed are cleaned & returned after use
  3. Always ensure that the community tool shed is locked before leaving
  4. Conserve water
  5. Participate in the Fall 2017 cleanup as indicated by the EVCommunity Garden coordinator
  6. Respect other gardeners’ rights and will not cause actions detrimental to other renters, their gardens, or the Crossroads space as a whole. I will:
    1. Not plant in a plot that is not my own
    2. Not harvest from a plot that is not my own
    3. Not smoke in the community garden
    4. Not use abusive or profane language or discriminate against others. I will contribute to a culture where all participants feel secure and can enjoy gardening and socializing in a community space. We are an inclusive community and welcome all gardeners
  7. Spend 15 minutes a week or 1 hour a month to help cleanup common areas
  8. Take responsibility for visitors to the garden under my care
  9. Find someone to tend to my plot if I am unable to fulfill my garden duties for any extended period of time. I will notify the EVCommunity Garden coordinator if I am unable to find someone to fulfill my garden duties, or my plot may be reassigned to a gardener on the waitlist
  10. Respect and observe the authority of the EVCommunity Garden coordinator while he/she works towards developing a comprehensive and successful program at our new community garden